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June 6, 2010

How Teenagers Can Make Money Tutoring Kids


Were you a top student at school? Did you love learning? Perhaps then, you would love to teach little kids, and make some money while your at it. Here are a few tips on how you can get started.

  1. Offer tutoring on your strongest subject. When you are in school you know what your strongest subject is because you enjoy it the most. This is the subject you get great grades on.  You will feel more comfortable helping kids on this subject. You need to have patience with the person you are going to help so they feel comfortable with you as well.
  2. Next you should think about what you are going to charge for your services. Many people charge by the hour, or you can bill on a weekly or monthly basis. You will want to get this set up before you get started on tutoring.
  3. Have a form made out with students name, subject you are teaching, parents name, and how they will pay. Also decide how you want them to pay you with check, cash, or by credit card with a PayPal account.
  4. To find students to tutor the first thing you could do is talk to your teacher to see if they know kids who could use some help. I would ask your teacher to talk to the child’s parents and your teacher can tell the parents that you would be great at helping their child. Home schooled kids are also looking for tutors to help them.
  5. You could also ask your friends or people in community. There are also alternative schools that may have kids who need tutored. The point is cast a wide net and look everywhere for kids to help you get your tutoring business going.
  6. You need to make sure you have a resume. Your resume should include what you have accomplished and list what services you provide. Tell a little about yourself and what you like to do for fun when you are off school.
  7. You also want to tell about the subjects you like in school, about your grades, and why you like certain subjects. Inform them in the resume how you are going to charge so they have that with them.
  8. Make time for your own studies. To make this business work you have to keep your own grades up. Keep up with your studies so you do not have to stop your tutoring business once you get it going.
  9. Start small and work up from there. One thing to do is only have a couple of students to tutor first and see how that goes first.

These are a few easy steps teenagers can take to make money tutoring kids. Have fun and make some money helping kids.

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William Chen
My name is William Chen, and I'm a 22 year old Student/Businessman/Web Marketer from Australia. I have over 10 years of business experience already under my belt and have founded 2 web companies. My passion is to strive for wealth, success and the ability to make the most of my life. And in sharing my knowledge to help others, as I believe one cannot fully understand something, unless they can teach it. For my full story, read here.



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  2. Deborah Wallin

    Great article and great ideas. I have shared with my two teenagers to give them some ideas they may not have thought of.

  3. Clarence Butcher

    It’s always a great thing to see people spreading the wonders of Knowledge, and tutoring sure is a great way for teens to get paid.

  4. Donna B.

    There is definitely extra cash to be made in tutoring – even starting as early as middle school.

  5. Nice tips! Teenagers can really make money if they really want too. That way they are helping their parents as well since they don’t have to ask money all the time.

  6. I tutored the neighbourhood kids when I was in midde school and made quite a decent sum of money that I saved up for college. This is great advice that should be shared with all teenagers.
    veronica lee recently posted..Forever Immortalized OnlineMy ComLuv Profile

  7. eva

    Tutoring children is a great way to make money! :] THank you for the post!

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